Professional Landman!

When I tell people that I earn my living as a Professional Landman, I am always asked two questions. The first question: Don't you mean Landwoman? or Landperson? The second question: What is that? 

First answer: No, I mean Landman. It is not a gender specification, but it is what we do. And we are proud to be called Landmen!

Second answer:  It's a hard profession to explain, unless you are familiar with the oil and gas industry. Landmen research the ownership of the surface and minerals (like oil and gas) of the land that an oil and gas production company is interested in leasing to determine who owns them. Then the landman leases the minerals from the owners, and does various other tasks to make sure the company can drill for oil and gas. 

I love researching. I find some very interesting, odd tidbits and names that can be worked into future stories. For example, in research conducted in East Texas, I found an attorney whose actual name was Barefoot Sanders. How about that for a name?  Also, in East Texas, a man's will stipulated that he wanted be buried on the hill with his horse and his dog, not in the family cemetery. He also insisted that his wife's family not be told when he died.